Manage Project Data

A suite of features used to manage your project's data and teams on ESS-DIVE

ESS-DIVE project management features allow principal investigators (PIs) to access and edit information about their project, assign other project data managers, create teams of project members, and share permissions to datasets and data portals with teams.

Project management is not set up by default for any project. Principal Investigators (PIs) must set up project management on ESS-DIVE, using the recommended workflow below.

Discover Project Management Features

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Summary workflow for PIs to set up project management

Here we provide a summary of how to get setup with project data management on ESS-DIVE, with links to additional information contained in this page.

  1. Make sure your project is in ESS-DIVE's project list.

  2. Become (or check whether you already are) a project data manager.

    • If you are a PI for multiple projects, you'll need to become a data manager for each

  3. Assign additional data managers to your project (if applicable).

  4. Create a team for your project data managers (if applicable).

    • Name it carefully using our recommended rules (e.g. "<project-name>-data-managers")

    • Add all project managers to this team

    • Make all project data managers owners of this team

  5. Tell your data contributors to share any new datasets that they create with one or more specific team(s) that you want to have access to project datasets now and in the future.

  6. Consider creating a data portal for your project data. While not a requirement, it will allow you to view all of your project datasets in one place.

ESS-DIVE provides a searchable list of projects that are approved to store and publish data on ESS-DIVE, including all projects funded by the Department of Energy's (DOE) Environmental System Sciences (ESS) program.

Find your project by searching for the official project title, project short name, or principal investigator (PI) name (Figure 1). An explanation of the project information is listed in Table 1 below.

Your project will only appear on this page if it is approved to create and publish datasets on ESS-DIVE. If you do not see your project, please email ESS-DIVE Support at

PI information is not visible without sign-in. Login to ESS-DIVE using your ORCID to view PI information.

Project Title

Default title submitted to the ESS program at the time funding was awarded. This title is used in dataset citations. PIs can update their project title by contacting ESS-DIVE Support at Changes to the project title will be reflected in dataset citations. We do not recommend changing the project title, unless required, as this will impact the ability to search and filter by project name and dataset citations.

ESS-DIVE Project Identifier

Unique identifier assigned to all projects, which will never change. You will need this identifier when submitting datasets using the API.

Principal Investigator (PI)

Default lead principal investigator(s) associated with the project submitted to the ESS program at the time funding was awarded.

PI information does not automatically update. If your PI has changed, update project PI information by contacting ESS-DIVE Support at ESS-DIVE will not retroactively update PI info in published datasets.

Table 1. List of all project information fields that are available via ESS-DIVE's project information page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see any project management features?

For now, project management features are only available to project data managers. Only PIs, co-PIs, and project members who received approval from their PI can become project data managers.

To become a data manager, you must first register as an ESS-DIVE data contributor. If you are a PI, but can't see the project management features you either are not a data contributor yet or only recently became a data contributor and have yet to inform the ESS-DIVE Team that you are ready to become a project data manager.

Make sure you complete all steps outlined in How do I become a project data manager?

If you are a member of an ESS-DIVE project but you are not a project data manager, then the My Projects page and all it's features will not be accessible to you.

What are the different kinds of roles available on ESS-DIVE?
  • ESS-DIVE user: Someone who logged into ESS-DIVE using their ORCID.

  • Data Contributor: An ESS-DIVE user who was approved by ESS-DIVE to upload data; they can create, edit, and publish datasets.

  • Project Data Manager: A data contributor approved by a project PI to create and manage teams for that project.

  • Teams: A group of ESS-DIVE users who share access permissions to datasets and data portals.

  • Team Owner: A "starred" team member who has permission to add or remove individuals from teams. They can assign new team owners or remove existing ones. By default the project data manager who created the team is a team owner.

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