Manage Project Data

A suite of features used to manage your project's data and teams on ESS-DIVE
These features are still in development and will be continually updated until Fall 2023. Subscribe to ESS-DIVE's community newsletter to receive announcements about our latest updates.
The project information page is a searchable list of projects that are approved to store and publish data on ESS-DIVE. All projects funded by the Department of Energy's (DOE) Environmental System Sciences (ESS) program are allowed to publish data on ESS-DIVE by default and will be included in this list.
Use the projects search bar to find your project information by typing in the official project title, project short name, or principal investigator (PI) name.
All project information on this page is searchable via the projects search bar (Figure 1). An explanation of the project information visible to the public is listed in Table 1 below.
It is necessary to have your project on this page in order to create and publish datasets on ESS-DIVE. If you do not see your project on the project information page, please email ESS-DIVE Support at [email protected] to get your information updated.
Figure 1: A preview of ESS-DIVE's project information page after login with an ORCID. This page replaces ESS-DIVE's Project List spreadsheet that was previously used to look up project information.
PI information is not visible without sign-in. Login to ESS-DIVE using your ORCID to view PI information.
Project Title
Default title submitted to the ESS program at the time funding was awarded. This title is used in dataset citations. Projects can update their project title by contacting ESS-DIVE Support at [email protected]. Changes to the project title will be reflected in dataset citations. We do not recommend changing the project title unless required as this will impact the ability to search and filter by project name and dataset citations
ESS-DIVE Project Identifier
Unique identifier assigned to all projects. Necessary for submitting datasets with the API.
Principal Investigator (PI)
Default principal investigator(s) associated with project submitted to ESS program at the time funding was awarded.
PI information does not automatically update. If your PI has changed, update project PI information by contacting ESS-DIVE Support at [email protected]. ESS-DIVE will not retroactively update PI info in published datasets.
Table 1; List of all project information fields that are publicly available via ESS-DIVE's project information page.