Setup Globus

Learn how to log in to Globus, install the Globus desktop application, and create a collection.

Globus should be used only when data cannot be uploaded with the web interface or the Dataset API

1. Create Globus Account

👉 If you have logged into Globus before, skip to Install Globus Connect section

  1. Navigate to the Globus Web App login page

  2. Select the “Sign in with ORCID iD” button

    • You may also choose to sign in using your existing organization login if your organization is available in the drop down list. If your organization is not available, we recommend signing in with your ORCID iD.

  3. Enter your ORCiD credentials and authorize access

  4. Fill out the basic account information to complete your sign up

You are now signed in. Welcome to Globus!

2. Install Globus Connect Personal

Globus connect personal is a desktop application that is necessary to upload data from your desktop to Globus.

👉 If you are transferring data from an existing Globus collection or already have Globus Connect Personal setup, skip to the Upload Data with Globus page.

  1. Login to the Globus Web App

  2. Go to File Manager

  3. Click the empty “Collection” search bar (Figure 2)

    • There may be two panels on your screen, select either Collection search bar to continue

  4. You will be prompted to use Globus Connect Personal; click on the button “ + Install Globus Connect Personal” to download the app (or refer to the Globus Connect Personal instructions for MacOS, Windows, or Linux)

  5. Once the installation is complete, launch the Globus Connect Personal application

  6. Click login, you will be directed to the Globus login webpage in your browser. Login to your Globus account and allow Globus access to your personal computer

  7. After logging in, a dialog box will automatically appear, prompting you to name and describe your collection. Proceed to step 3, Setup your Collection, where we will talk more about this.

3. Name & Save your Desktop Collection

Globus “collections” are discoverable access points that allow data to be transferred to and from them; essentially these “collections” are shareable folders in Globus. In this step, we will create a collection for your desktop using Globus Connect Personal. This is how Globus will access the files on your computer and allow you to easily transfer your files.

  1. Name and describe your collection. We recommend naming it after your computer with something easily recognizable, such as “Jane Doe Macbook Pro” or “Doe Desktop”. Click Save.

  2. Click the link “Access Data in this Collection”. This will take you to the File Manager where you can see the contents of your new collection; review these files and make sure you can see the contents of your desktop files.

  3. Globus is now connected to your desktop and is ready for upload! Proceed to the Upload Data with Globus page to learn how to use Globus Connect.

Access your desktop collection at any time by opening the File Manager, selecting the Collections search bar, and navigating to the "Your Collections" tab (Figure 3).

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