Share Datasets

To share a dataset on ESS-DIVE means that you have given or received permission to view, edit, or manage a dataset. Dataset permissions can be changed at any time.

Sharing a dataset with other people registered to contribute data on ESS-DIVE will allow them to:

  • view private datasets,

  • change metadata,

  • add/remove files,

  • publish the dataset, and

  • share the dataset with others

—depending on how the dataset permissions are set up.

When you give someone permission to access your dataset, they will be able to access all metadata and data files. The various permission types available are described further in the Permission Types section.

How to Share a Dataset

If you have access to manage a dataset, you can follow these steps to change dataset permissions through the ESS-DIVE dataset landing page:

  1. On the dataset landing page, select the Edit button (Figure 1).

  2. Once in edit mode, you will see the Share button next to the Add/Remove buttons. Select the Share button (Figure 2).

  3. A new window will appear titled Sharing Options (Figure 3) which shows you who already has access to the dataset and what permission type they have. By default the dataset creator has manage permissions.

  4. Share the dataset with new people by searching for their first or last names in the search bar** (Figure 4). Or look up the project team name instead to share with a group. Select the appropriate name to be added to the list of people with dataset permissions.

    • Only people who have logged into ESS-DIVE using their ORCID can be found in the Sharing Options search bar

  5. Modify existing permission types as needed using the dropdown bars under the Access column (Figure 5).

  6. Review your changes and hit Save (Figure 6).

  7. When you have finished sharing your dataset, you can exit the edit session. It is not necessary to hit the Submit Dataset button.

You can also share datasets programmatically using ESS-DIVE's Dataset API.

Visit the Dataset API Tutorial page to learn more about this service. Details on how to write HTTP requests to (1) change dataset permissions and (2) review access permissions are available via the Data Package Sharing section of ESS-DIVE's technical documentation page, hosted at

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