Share Portals

To share a data portal on ESS-DIVE means that you have given or received permission to view, edit, or manage a data portal. Data portal permissions can be changed at any time.

Sharing a data portal with other people registered to contribute data on ESS-DIVE will allow them to:

  • Edit page markdown,

  • Add/remove pages, and

  • Add/remove data filters

Sharing a portal with someone gives them permission to edit your portal page; it does not give them permission to edit or manage any datasets or view private datasets in the data portal

How to Share Portals

If you have access to manage a data portal, you can follow the instructions below to change portal permissions through your portal's settings page. The instructions for changing the sharing options are the same for datasets and data portals, visit the dataset sharing guide to read more about how this feature is used.

  1. Login to ESS-DIVE and select the Portals button in the navigation bar

    • Only registered data contributors can create or share portals, make sure you are logged in and registered before attempting to share a portal

  2. Find your portal in the "My Portals" section and click edit, or create a new portal if you do not have one already

  3. Open the portal settings page on the right-hand side (Figure 1)

  4. Scroll down the settings page until you see the sharing options table (Figure 2) which shows you who the portal is already shared with and what permission type they have. By default the portal creator has manage permissions.

  5. Share the portal with new people by searching for their first or last names in the search bar in the sharing options window (Figure 3). Select the appropriate name to be added to the list of people with portal permissions.

    • Only people who have logged into ESS-DIVE using their ORCID can be found in the Sharing Options search bar

  6. Modify existing permission types as needed using the dropdown bars under the Access column

  7. Review your changes and hit Save

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