Project Data Managers

First register yourself as a project data manager to gain access to project management features

A Project Data Manager is a role in ESS-DIVE that enables someone to access project information and the teams feature in ESS-DIVE.

Project PIs have automatic approval to become a project data manager, but they must first register as an ESS-DIVE data contributor and notify ESS-DIVE Support. All other members of a project must receive approval from their PI to become a project data manager.

How to become a project data manager

For PIs and Co-PIs

  1. Create an ORCID if you do not already have one

  2. Login to ESS-DIVE with your ORCID to start your ESS-DIVE account

  3. Notify ESS-DIVE support via email ( that you are ready to become a data manager for your project

You will receive a confirmation message from ESS-DIVE when you have been added as a data manager.

For all other project members:

Only PIs or existing project data managers can add new project data managers.

You will need to ask your PI/project data manager to fill out the Add Project Data Manager form (see below) to gain approval to become a project data manager. Direct your PI to the instructions provided above.

In the meantime, you can register as a data contributor.

How to add project data managers

Only PIs or existing project data managers can add new project data managers.

  1. Tell your project data managers to register as ESS-DIVE data contributors

Check whether you are a data manager

You can check whether you are currently a data manager for a project by selecting "Find Projects" from the main data portal navigation menu: if you are a data manager, you will see a "My Projects" tab that will list any project(s) for which you are a data manager.

How can I tell if I'm already a project data manager?
  1. Login to ESS-DIVE at

  2. Click the "Projects" tab in the navigation bar and select "Find Projects" or navigate to the page directly

  3. If you do not see the "My Projects" tab, then you are not a project data manager on any project

  4. If you see the "My Projects" tab, click it to review which projects you can manage

Visit Project Information for more details on the "My Projects" page.

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