API Updates and Changes

This page provides information about all versions of the Dataset API. It includes a log of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that have been made to the API.


Released on 2023-11-28

New Features 🎉

  • Adds @id (i.e. DOI) to search results

  • Enables dataset search by keyword with new keyword parameter

  • Enables search for older versions of dataset metadata by identifier (i.e. ess-dive-9727d2718c0d1d3-20230504T212419449020)

  • Adds the identifier for the next version of metadata (i.e. next) and previous version (i.e. previous) to search results


  • Enhances keyword search to lookup exact matches


Released on 2022-11-28

New Features 🎉

  • Adds file size in KB to distribution items



Released on 2022-08-08

New Features 🎉

  • Enable dataset submissions with project ID in provider field (new syntax example provided below)

"provider": {
   "identifier": {
      "@type": "PropertyValue",
      "propertyID": "ess-dive",
      "value": "<PROJECT ID>"


Released on 2022-02-04

New Features 🎉

  • Enable linking out to datasets stored at external repositories

  • Enable capability for anyone to search for public datasets

New Code Examples ✨


Released on 2021-09-20

New Features 🎉

Enables dataset sharing

  • Enable the ability to share dataset

  • Expanded swagger Docs for dataset sharing

Bug Fix 🛠️

  • Corrected dataset sharing typos and added sharing schema example to technical documentation


Released on July 23rd, 2021


You can now submit longer metadata descriptions

  • Increase measurementTechnique description (i.e. Methods) character limit to <5000 characters

  • Increase description (i.e. Abstract) character limit to <5000 characters

  • Increase spatialCoverage description (i.e. Geographic Description) character limit to <5000 characters

Software Upgrades ⚙️

  • Enable support for Metacat >= 2.13.0 and Solr8


Released on 2021-04-29

Software Upgrades ⚙️

  • Main focus of this release is to support the EML 2.2.0 upgrade.


Released on 2021-04-20

Bug Fix 🛠️

  • Bug fix release for json-ld 500 Errors.


Released on 2021-05-27

This release includes the addition of a Berkeley Source Distribution (BSD) license to the package service.

Bug Fix 🛠️

  • Some bug fixes are included for accessing packages.


Released on 2019-12-17


  • This release enables up to 100GB data uploads. They are minor features and do not affect the API.


Released on 2019-10-21


  • This release enables up to 10GB data uploads.


Released on 2019-06-26

New Features 🎉

  • Ability edit a data package

  • Data files in query results

  • Special characters should be removed from metadata filename

  • JSON-LD returned for single data package requests

This API update is backwards compatible with v1.1.0.

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