New User Registration


Quick Start Guide

  1. Create an ORCID.

  2. Login to ESS-DIVE with your ORCID.

  3. If you want to upload data, fill out the ESS-DIVE new data contributor form, and wait for an ESS-DIVE admin to contact you.

Scroll below or click on the quicklinks in the table of contents for details.

Detailed Instructions

Accessing ESS-DIVE

ESS-DIVE Data portal :

Preferred Browsers

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • May have some issues with Internet Explorer

The home page (Figure 1) will present the list of public datasets that are currently in the system. As a new user, click on the “Sign in with Orcid” button in the top right corner.

Figure 1. ESS-DIVE Data Portal Home Screen.

Creating an ORCID

(Skip this section if you already have an ORCID)

If you do not have an ORCID click on the Register Now link on the screen requesting the ORCID login (Figure 2) or you can click on This will take you to the ORCID registration page (Figure 3). Go ahead and sign up for an ORCID ID.

Figure 2. ORCID sign in screen with ORCID login. Click "Register Now" if you do not have ORCID.
Figure 3. ORCID Registration Form

Linking ORCID to your Institutional Account

(Skip this section if you already have an ORCID linked to your institutional login or if you prefer to login with your ORCID account)

You can also link your institutional account to your ORCID ID so you can conveniently login with your institutional account credentials (Figure 4). After this, you are all set to download data!

Figure 4. Login with institutional account linked to ORCID.

Getting Access to Upload Data

(Skip this if you only want to download data)

Click on the “Request Upload Access Button”. Fill out the ESS-DIVE new data contributor form to request access to upload. An ESS-DIVE admin will review your information and contact you at the email provided in the form.

Figure 5. The ESS-DIVE data contributor registration form (not all the fields appear in the figure)

Once approved, you need to add a valid email address to your account. The Submit button will be disabled until you complete this step.

Go to "My Settings" by clicking on the link in the email sent by the ESS-DIVE admin. Alternatively, you can log in and click on your Settings (Figure 6). Add your email address and save (Figure 7). This will enable the Submit button and allow you to upload data packages.

Figure 6. Click on the menu under your name to access My settings (first menu item)
Figure 7. My account settings screen where you have to add your email and Save.